Base by Piet Boon
Art & Design
Where Cutting Edge Function Meets Timeless Design

For us here at Studio William, we feel as though tableware that enriches all facets of the dining experience is essential. This is why we are so proud to be able to introduce this exceptional feat in design collaboration, with renowned Dutch design studio Piet Boon and Serax. Together, they have produced a range of high-quality bone white porcelain tableware so perfect in it’s functionality, yet flawless it’s graceful simplicity to act as the ideal surface on which to lay culinary art. Introducing Base x Piet Boon…

Piet Boon is a design studio that is hailed worldwide for it’s remarkable talent of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality and all of this has been brought to life in their partnership with Serax, reflecting their shared commitment to delivering perfection through the sustained attention to detail found in each and every piece in the Base range.

Here, you’ll find subtle, minimalist forms with soft curves and refined edges, paired with superb functionality. This exclusive range has a high thermal stability to ensure a long, durable lifespan through plating and washing and it is also free of lead and cadmium – toxic metals which studies have found leach into food and drink when used in ceramic ware and glassware. As is so often the way in Dutch culture, Piet Boon (founded in Amsterdam) and Serax (housed in Antwerp), both pride themselves in innovative design which is not only a joy to use and behold but also conscious of the need for safer, greener, cleaner choices.

You’ll find subtle, minimalist forms with soft curves and refined edges, paired with superb functionality.
- William Welch

When looking for the perfect plate ware, a chef must consider the surface and food as a whole, realising that the fluid symbiosis of dish and ingredients can impact the flavour and overall dining experience. Base provides a blank canvas that holds and accents the food, adding to it without overpowering, resulting in a quiet sophistication underpinning even the most flamboyant or simple presentation.

With such a holistic design, covering all desires and needs from the most practical to the creative, even the most discerning restaurant connoisseur will find Base to be the dream tableware for all occasions and settings. Base sits exquisitely in all environments, with the ability to transform depending on how you dress it. The friendly and welcoming shapes of each piece can turn a formal dining affair into one that’s just a little more comfortable, yet still retaining that ‘special’ air. Likewise, the smooth, ergonomic design radiates the highest quality, fit for the very best food around!