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Rooted in The Cotswolds

Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, England, Charingworth Cutlery reimagines traditional designs to manufacture well-balanced, well-proportioned, timeless cutlery with a modern twist.

Designed for Everyday Use

Our premium quality cutlery encompasses both English and European heritage, reflecting many traditional design features, whilst modernising and improving the shape and use of manufacturing techniques. The highest quality craftsmanship produces soft edged handles, which are a joy to hold. The stainless steel we use is procured only from the most consistent and technologically-advanced steel mills, ensuring your cutlery will stand the test of time.


Tools of The Trade

Good cutlery is proven to enhance the dining experience. Charingworth cutlery brings your table alive. Our design process is meticulously detailed, ensuring every pattern looks and feels good in the hand and the mouth. We inspect every piece by hand to give our customers complete confidence in the quality of their purchase.

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