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Knowing an overview of an interior trend is one thing, but figuring out what it is that really makes a look is something else altogether. As with anything that is superior quality, it is attention to detail that will truly set a successful execution of an interior trend apart from a failed attempt. But what are the details that matter? Largely, it comes down to the materials used and of course, the craftsmanship behind the pieces you choose to pull a room together. Loving the idea of ‘rough luxe’, for example, is all very well and good but to achieve this interior trend in your own home or establishment you need to know which materials to focus on and feature throughout.

To help you get it right (and to expand on our blog from earlier in the year, detailing the top trends for 2019), here we have a rundown of two of our favourites from the list of most coveted materials of the moment. And of course, our top picks from the Serax range that fit the bill like a dream…


In a world where the masses are fast becoming aware of the upside of choosing natural over synthetic (for both health and eco-conscious reasons), it’s really no wonder that natural materials and influences within interiors are gaining popularity. From keeping greenery around the home to finding accessories and furnishings that either strike a resemblance to the natural world or are actually made from it (or with eco-friendly materials with the planet’s welfare in mind), there’s a lot to play with here.

According to Pinterest, searches for ‘vertical gardens’ were up +287% on 2018 and cactus arrangements up 235%, so stocking up on vases for each room is a must.

We can’t get enough of Plant Display by Morris Marrgio, showcasing his florist family history with simple, stainless steel compositions, these pieces are designed to display a plant with all the love and attention it deserves.

For a very different style which takes into account our undeniable responsibility to look after our planet in all areas of life, look no further than the ingenious creations of Recycle by Moniek Vanden Berghe. Her love of nature and our living environment are the basis of her last Recircled and Recycle collections, all which take seemingly worthless, throwaway materials such as cardboard and rubber to form new and timeless objects.

Aside from decorative flower art and display, there are many other ways in which you can incorporate natural materials into your home. The new ‘Pure’ collection embodies authenticity and warmth with organic lines and natural materials of wood and ceramics. From pans and kitchen tools made from carbonised ash wood and stained deliciously dark with natural oil, to all the tableware you could possibly need. Belgium creator Pascale Naessens, says she believes that "working with beautiful, well-designed items is a source of happiness" and indeed, we would have to agree!


Unfinished materials such as unpolished concrete, partially exposed brick and scraped, crumbling wallpaper bring an instant injection of texture and luxe informality into a room, when paired with the contrasting accents. This interior trend is one which may look casually thrown together but in fact to get the look spot on takes careful consideration and artful features.

The creative work of Frédérick Gautier is a mainstay at Serax and it is really being given time to shine as a part of this edgy interior trend. Four teapots and 12 cups and side plates have been designed, inspired by a brutalist style, and pay homage to Le Corbusier with their rough, industrial urbanity. Use this concrete pottery to tie in larger areas of raw design within a room and accent with crisp brights, or darks.

Lighting always plays a big part in any room design, but particularly so in a space which embraces an unrefined nature. Marie Michielssen’s concrete sculpture lamps and overhead lighting solutions deliver beauty and functionality in one, with her love of extremes and exploring the boundaries of organic forms leading the way. The timeless, architectural style of these concrete pieces are the perfect example of how to get the ‘unfinished’ trend exactly right.

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