Marie Michielsson concrete pots
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Marie Michielsson concrete pots

The benefits of bringing nature into your home are plentiful. Certain household plants are even used by NASA to help purify the air (Aloe Vera, Spider Plants and Bamboo, to name but a few), but it is not just the detoxifying properties that makes keeping a little greenery in your home an absolute must. As human beings, our connection to nature is essential and our love for the natural world is something that is engrained in our bones. It is partly this affinity with trees, plants and flowers (something which we here at Studio William feel very strongly about) which draws us all to the elegant designs of Marie Michielsson’s contribution to the Urban Jungle range.

Although an undercurrent of industrialism and her instantly recognisable, quirky style is ever-present her leanings towards bringing the outside world in gives the lucky beholder just a hint of that natural pull, combined with highly stylised and chic finish. The Marie Michielsson creations for Serax are like none-other. Simple, yet always striking and brimming with personality, offering the perfect way to inject a little character into your home or establishment in such a way that truly tugs on those very human heart-strings.

We’re quite taken with Marie Michielsson’s designs and we’re not alone in feeling this way. As one of the core designers at Serax, Michielsson’s work is part of the backbone which makes this innovative company so great and so unique. Bring a little life into your world, with your hard-to-pick choice of the following:

Casa Luis:

Part of the ‘Urban Jungle’ collection at Serax, fresh bright colours and clean, primary shapes combine to create a deceptively simple elegance in this range of pots. Combine different sizes and shapes to experience a powerful sense of the Mexican architecture of Luis Barragan, who influenced these designs. Singly or in a set, these pots are both joyful and stylish and will add a dash of pizzazz to any interior.


Another component of the Urban Jungle range at Serax, the Marie Mosaic range of concrete pots brings the designer’s signature ‘joie de vivre’ to any room or setting. At once bright and optimistic and evocative of a well-worn, long lived in space these interior accessories bring a certain buoyancy and optimism to any interior in which they are placed.


Inspired by vintage, Parisian interiors, the tile mosaic pattern of these concrete pots is both uplifting and somehow soothing. The design is boldly contemporary, combining a decorative, architectural feature with a concrete, interior accessory and yet it conveys a feeling of nostalgia with its visual reference to old, well-loved interiors. Part of the Urban Jungle range at Serax, the Marie Mosaic range of pots brings the designer’s unique style to any room or setting.

Black White:

Striking black and white forms, some geometric and some suggestive of heraldic motifs. Decorate the concrete forms of this range of pots in the Urban Jungle collection. As so often happens when the designer is Marie Michielsson, the simplicity of the design is deceptive. The pieces convey a sense of depth and texture that is much deeper and more complex than the combination of paints and concrete. And, as with all here designs they carry the artist’s sense of warmth and delight wherever they are placed.