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Nero and Verde by DIALECT

DIALECT is the brainchild of Belgian duo Pierric De Coster and Jonas Blondee. The designers joined forces in 2012 in order to combine the strengths of architecture (Pierre) and hands-on craftsmanship (Jonas), in ways that reflected the best of both ‘dialects’, their individual languages of form. Pierre will conceptualise the design process from beginning to end, envisioning each object within a spatial framework. Jonas focusses on technical detail and the interplay of materials.

The result is that form and function are always interwoven in their interior designs or bespoke furniture. DIALECT creates spaces and objects that are both contemporary and timeless, which are honest in both conception and execution and which contribute to sustainable living.

In 2015 De Coster and Blondee joined the Serax design family where some of their signature work is now available to an international market.

Their Nero and Verde occasional tables, available through Serax, are the result of the duo’s search for the perfect harmony between wood, metal and marble, three natural materials each with a powerful voice of its own. They explain that a great deal of time and thought went into considering the different characteristics of each material and discovering the perfect balance between them.

The range includes a set of occasional tables, coffee table, a drawer table and drawer console in all of which the shapes and textures harmonise in a clean simplicity belying the complex thought process which has produced it.

All combine the deep, rich beauty of either black or green marble, Nero or Verde, (from which the range takes its name), with the sleek lines of the custom designed black metal frame.

Nero is an opulent black marquina with distinctive white veining while Verde evokes the green of mosses and forest streams.

The drawer tables and consoles include black stained oak, a natural bridge between the stone and metal.

The black metal frame is a simple geometric, barely there so that its ‘voice’ does not drown out the effect of the marble or the wood. Instead, it allows the table to appear to float, to affect its spatial framework without dominating it.

It would be very easy for objects constructed from metal and marble or from metal, marble and oak to dominate the area in which they stood. Somehow, however, the abstract lines of the metal frame and the proportions of the drawer unit and table top work together to lighten and soften the overall impact. And so, (typical of the subtlety intrinsic to the work of these designers), the tables do not impose themselves on their surroundings. Yet they enhance and transfigure the space around them.

As well as being aesthetically and sensually rewarding, the Nero and Verde range is both highly durable and highly functional. Form and function inform every step of the design process for DIALECT and the Nero and Verde range of tables are no exceptions. The different sizes and proportions mean that the right table can be found for any space that needs it. And several of them are ‘multi-purpose’. The drawer tables and smaller occasional tables, for example, can be used as side tables or as night stands.

Timeless, useful and durable, the Nero and Verde range starts at 370 euros for the small occasional table.

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