Perfect Imperfection
Art & Design
Making The Ordinary Extraordinary

The search for perfection in all areas of life leaves many at a loss. From the perfect life to the perfect partner to the perfect hair and perfect behaviour – it’s time to stop and realise that it is the imperfections in life that give it so much colour. Who knew that tableware could teach us a life lesson? Perfect Imperfection, the dinnerware collection created by Serax in collaboration with visual artist and designer Roos Van De Velde, laughs in the face of the very human trait of self-deprecation and demonstrates, so wonderfully, just how defectiveness and coincidence is the key to true beauty and vibrant individuality.

impossibly delicate, organic forms and delightfully tactile textures
- Perfect Imperfection

Inspired by nature, just like our very own William Welch, Roos Van De Velde has brought life to the inanimate through her innovative design and has exhibited her work in prestigious venues such as the Cathedral Sacré-Coeur Casablanca (Morocco), at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Grand Hornu (Belgium), in the Museum and Gallery of the Republic Marmara University (Turkey), in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (Republic Czech), among other venues and galleries. Simply by looking at each piece as a stand-alone subject is enough to fall in love, with the somehow familiar curves and edges which we find traces of all around us in the natural world, if only we choose to stop and look. But when used as the stage to lay your culinary scene, the charm and imperfect refinement only heightens. By choosing the Perfect Imperfection range, you are giving diners the opportunity to not only enjoy delicious food, but to do so off of a real work of art.

Just as the creation of an impeccable menu requires an adventurous spirit, a risk taker who is not afraid of mistakes but rather embraces them to discover more about themselves and what food has to offer, the Roos Van De Velde/Serax meeting of minds has done the same with ceramics and glass. This is a tableware collection that sits worlds apart from your average, with, at times, impossibly delicate, organic forms and delightfully tactile textures which add an exuberant sense of life to the dining table. There has never been a finer way, so full of personality, for food and drink to be held.

To create a truly memorable meal, you must not only feed the mouths of patrons but all of their senses. Ambient sound and lighting, tantalising scents of mouth-watering dishes and, with the Perfect Imperfection range combined with artfully plated ingredients, something divine to touch and look upon. This is more than just tableware, this is a feast in and of itself which is bound to deliver the utmost satisfaction to all those who have the pleasure of using it.